Hi, I’m Maureen.  

I’m a coach, facilitator, and community-builder who lives in Boston, Massachusetts.  

After so many years spent trying to change the world out there, I realized that change is actually an inside job. After all, the world does not appear as it is, it appears as we are. This realization is what led me to coaching, and to supporting the inner transformation of people working for a better world.

I’m also a photographer and an intrepid traveler with a deep curiosity about this planet we call home.

My Vision

I envision a world where every single person lives a life rooted in joy, abundance, and freedom.  

My dream is that together we learn to let go of the stories that are not serving us; that keep us in our fear and our suffering; that keep us disconnected from the planet, each other, and ourselves.  

I imagine a time when every single one of us is so lit up inside that it is almost blinding—and that we all live our lives out of that space.


My Story

I’ve always felt called to help make the world a better place. I’ve spent my whole career in the nonprofit sector (well, except for a brief stint as a construction worker- but that’s a story for another time.) The sector is full of incredible people doing amazing work. But it also has a pervasive feeling of scarcity- there’s never enough money, enough people, enough time. The resources seem so small given the task at hand- making society equitable, sustainable, and just.

Over time, this feeling of scarcity began to bleed into my personal life. So did a pervasive judgemental-ness. Social justice warriors are taught to think critically, but eventually this becomes a way of living with a kind of “chronic critique syndrome.” It’s hard to appreciate the exquisite beauty of life when you walk around thinking everything should be different than it is. I was living in a state of low-level aggression, and not even realizing it. (But hey, it was righteous aggression, right?) It turns out that running the world in your head, trying to constantly dictate reality, is quite exhausting!

One day I was attending a social change conference and a woman named Eli Painted Crow said something that rocked my world: “Peace is not something you fight for.  It’s something you become.” It hit me that how we are in the world determines the world we have, not just what we do. Being is at least as important as doing. If I want peace, I can’t get it by fighting; I have to become it, then do my work out of that space.

Around the same time, as I was healing from some heartbreak, I came to a liberatory practice called The Work of Byron Katie. This technique of self-inquiry has incredible power to free us from the thoughts that bring stress into our lives. When we let go of the anger, frustration, and fear, we are left with clarity, connection, and grace. Self-inquiry brings us back to ourselves, and to our true nature: loving-kindness. And I saw that once we make that shift, the world does too.

Since then my life and work is steeped in a deep sense of curiosity and wonder. This comes through in the way I teach yoga, the way I make photographs, even the way I travel. It also comes through in my coaching and facilitation. For nearly twenty years I have been guiding groups and individuals to ask and answer powerful questions. Right now what I’m most curious about is how to live out of a space of joy, abundance, and freedom. If you’re curious about that too, let’s work together.


What I’m Committed To

  • Letting go of what I don’t need

  • Cultivating a sense of abundance

  • Honoring intuition and inner wisdom

  • Opening my heart wider in the face of fear

  • Working for sustainability, equity, inclusion, and justice